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9.7 Test 1 is now closed, Test 2 will start tomorrow around 18:00 CET

– Q: “The quality of steel on various tanks was different, why is this not reflected in the game?” A: “And imagine that the quality varied on one type even from tank to tank, imagine the possibilities this opens to us :)”;
– HD Super Pershing will not appear in 0.9.7, it was postponed to 0.9.8 for rework;
– The elements of Super Pershing model (and armor) that will be investigated and corrected are: hull and additional plate armor angles, the mantlet additional plate and the thickness of the mantlet itself;
– It’s possible that the 0.9.7 buffs that compensate for the loss of penetration will return later and will be even more significant to compensate for gold shell nerf as well;
– In 9.7 test, some PC configuration owners (in this case: i5 3470, GTX 780) report significant FPS loss (in some cases, even 15 FPS), Storm is aware of the issue and WG is investigating it;
– One more map is in the list of maps to be potentially removed: Pearl River;
– Dragon Ridge will not return (RG: Was still better than Hidden Village);
– Mauschen replacing the VK4502B will come in one of the future patches.

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