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– Storm confirms that more motion physics tests will come in forseeable future (after 9.8 comes live)
– there isn’t all that much info being published by Storm because now the info releases are “carefully regulated”
– WG already prepared new sound engine but “there is no sense in implementing it without new content”
– release date of new sound engine (and new sounds with it) is not yet determined
– Storm is actually 37 years old
– Storm confirms that 0.9.9 patch will be followed by 0.9.10 (and 0.9.11), not 1.0.0
– penetration nerf will not come in 9.8
– Chieftain and FV4202 switch will not come in 9.8 or 9.9 but in “one of the upcoming patches”
– patch 9.8 will come “very soon”
– while the platoon requirement for personal missions will be removed in 9.8, the missions will still be much easier to do in a platoon
– there will be more new maps in the game but WG won’t confirm when exactly

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