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I don’t do this in general, but a small favour, that might be liked by people. Want to win one of three tier 8 premium tanks, just “like” the Wothungary.eu FB page. Basically, they’ll pick three winners out of those people and give them tier 8 premium tanks.

Oh and did you know which real life locations is Himmelsdorf based on?

Otherwise, not much today. The only piece of info is that the individual missions in 9.5 will be disabled, they will be enabled only after the New Year marathon. It’s possible they might change yet between 9.5 relase and their enabling.

Also, a WG employee confirms that regarding the 50 percent discounts on gold and premium account, it in effect means that because of the falling Russian currency, it means that the players can buy their premium account and gold for the same prices as they were a few months back WITHOUT discount (SS: it got really expensive for the Russians because WG shop prices are tied to USD). Another developer however adds that there might be something like a “double discount”, when you buy the gold with discount now, later on you can buy stuff for it, that is also on discount (SS: this is valid for RU server only).

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