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– according to developers, the statement that “accuracy nerf made premium vehicles with poor accuracy farm noticeably less credits” is not true
– the upcoming new motion physics will have no effect on game performance, as it is calculated server-side
– Storm doesn’t remember the numbers exactly, but for all vehicles with normal (non-derp) guns, the damage difference between 0.9.5 and 0.9.6 after the accuracy nerf was less than one percent
– regarding the question, why Wargaming doesn’t want to put serious hardcaps on any class including artillery: “If there are more vehicles of one class than we need, it means that the class is incorrectly balanced and we have to balance it correctly instead of introducing artificial hardcaps”
– TD as a class will not be “rebalanced” – Storm states that the statement that every team has 4-5 TD’s on average is false

– developers have not yet investigated, how 0.9.6 nerf influenced the survivability of small weakspot vehicles, such as Tortoise
– returning to the “non-critical areas of tanks being hit recieve only 50 percent damage is a stupid idea” statement by Storm, another player argues that this would be remedied by having a proper voiceover, saying “you did hit less critical area, you did less damage” – Storm replies that “it wouldn’t reduce butthurt anyway”
– the fate of Prokhorovka map is not decided yet (SS: earlier, it was mentioned it could be removed from the game with only Fiery Salient remaining)
– new render status? “I cannot say anything for now”
– Storm confirms that IS-3 HD model will have weaker frontal armor due to less favourable armor angle – specifically: earlier – 57-60 degrees (from horizontal), new angle is 61 degrees
– Storm states that he personally doesn’t care about e-sports, but there are other developers that do (SS: a lot of RU players are angry because of the IS-3 and other HD model delay due to WGL)
– Q: “Please explain to me, why the fuck are you touching arty?” A (Storm): “To fuck it up. You’re welcome.”
– developers can’t put a limit on MM not to throw you into the same map you already played on in last battle, it would mess with the MM mechanism
– physics will come in a separate test round, players won’t have to wait for 9.7 test for it
– physics test will be followed by a limited (addressed) poll, there will not be an all-player-poll in general most likely
– it’s possible that developers will introduce a “tank inspector” in the garage (you will be able to look at any tank, but not play it)
– internal module layout of all tanks will not be disclosed
– 9.7 will not bring spotting system rework
– AMX-30 “branch” will consist of two vehicles (AMX-30 Prototype and AMX-30B)
– French Somua S35 does not count as a part of the AMX-30 branch: “it’s another branch”, it will be a limited minibranch of tiers 2 to 5
– the tank, from which AMX-30 will be unlocked, will be announced later to avoid the “we already grinded the XP!” whine
– a server on Crimean peninsula will most likely not be started
– new motion physics will not influence shell trajectory or shell physics
– WT E-100 will not be replaced in 9.7
– in new motion physics, tipping the tank on the roof will work the same way as drowning: there will be a counter and after that, the tank gets destroyed if it doesn’t tip back on tracks
– new camos, inscriptions and emblems will be implemented, but no ETA for now
– the physics test will come in very late February, or early March
– it’s possible Super Pershing will be reworked to HD in 9.7
– new contact list still has some issues, they will be fixed
– HD IS-3 will come in 9.8
– for now, buff to Batchat ammo carried is not planned
– the physics test will consist of two servers – one with “realistic” physics and one with “simplified” physics
– slowly, step by step, limited MM premiums will be removed from sales
– for now, Type 62 will not be buffed (not in 9.7 anyway)
– A-32 will not be reworked to HD or rebalanced anytime soon
– KV-5 will not be buffed
– Dx12 support is not even in plans for now
– alternative hulls will come “when it’s done it’s done”
– Xbox One WoT grass render (improved grass) will come to PC – it’s in the process of rework
– Xbox One WoT HD models had no influence on PC HD model schedule

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