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Here it is:

– Penetration rebalance (aka hightier gun pen nerf) will not come in 9.8;
– “Something interesting” will come in 9.8;
– HD T110E5 is already being worked on;
– The HD IS-5 pictures that were shown to the public are again made with too high quality (such detailed textures will not appear in the game). Storm reacts: “In the game you will see the difference only on the gun barrel that is the closest to the camera”;
– It’s possible for various HD models to have textures of various quality;
– Q: “Storm, you said that tanks will no longer have historical penetration. Does that mean some will get a penetration buff?” A: “More like the other way around – some will get a nerf.”;
– Storm loves fishing in real life (RG: Love it too!)
– Which new mechanics are being developed for WoT? “No comment”;
– IS-5 clanwars event will be something like the “Twilight of Gods” CW campaign, IS-5 will be its only prize;
– “Significantly more than 10k players” will receive the IS-5 on RU server.

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