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Hello everyone – check this interesting article about the birth of the M48, especially the video at the end.

– aimtime in the game represents “the comfort, with which the gun was aimed”, this parameter “quite adequately” represents reality
– Q: “Gun stabilization parameter confuses people!” (SS: gun stabilization in this case is a general term for a set of parameters, that determine how much the aim circle will get bigger when the tank moves its hull, turret etc.). A (SerB): “Your opinion is, as usual, very important to us.”
– theoretically the D-10-85 gun could fit the KV-13 turret, but since it was not proposed for it in real life, it was not implemented as an option for it. If WG added it, the vehicle would be “significantly better than other tanks of its tier”
– Q: “SerB, do you deny that various tanks have various chance of hitting the center of the circle?” A: “Yes, we deny. Because it’s a CONSPIRACY!!! And what kind of CONSPIRACY!!! would it be, if it wasn’t denied.”
– Q: “When will your nerf gold ammo for credits, whenever I drive E-75, I immediately get shot at by gold” A (Storm): “Statistically, the amount of gold shells hitting the E-75 is less than 20 percent of all shells”
– Q: “When will you fix disconnections?” A: “Never. Unfortunately, we can’t cure your connection.”
– there was a rumor going around that E25 DPM will be nerfed from 2700 to 2350 DPM. It is not true.

– Storm confirms that active antivirus software can have very negative effect on WoT (specifically Kaspersky, but on several threads, disabling AVAST, ESET and Norton AV was said to have very positive impact on the game performance and removes lags)
– Evilly states that RU players will learn of their mission details around 15th of December, but they will not have a T-34-85M mission like EU server does.
– the RU server mission tank will not be T-44-85, BUT it’s possible the T-44-85 will be revived
– it’s “too early to tell” about the Object 260 mission, it’s still being developed
– Evilly confirms the existence of the Premium tank crew XP bug, will be fixed – at least the part with the disappearing XP (when you enable accelerated training). As for the rest – apparently, in 9.4, the XP calculation was stealth-changed (WG forgot to add the announcement to the patchnotes) and it works correctly the way it is. Evilly: “The inaccuracy lies in the fact that in 9.4, tanks have 50 percent bonus to crew XP, but this does not include the bonus XP, that is awarded to the premium tank based on its tier. This was the reason for complications. We did put it into the patch, but not in the patchnotes.”
– in one of the upcoming patches (likely 9.6) premium tanks will get further (economic) buffs
– Evilly later adds to this topic that he would like to see the crew XP situation returned to the way it was in 9.3 (with additional bonus, even though it was not intended). It will be discussed amongst the developers.

Meanwhile in Minsk:

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