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– Storm agrees that the wooden barricades on Stalingrad map are “sad”
– in 9.6 there is apparently an issue, where the client disconnects during the synchronization of the account (“personal information”) with server, Storm states that this issue is limited to single report here and there
– how exactly will HD IS-3 armor look? “Wait for common test or supertest leaks”
– general WG politics (like why they left the E-25 unnerfed when WG openly admits the vehicle is imbalanced) are SerB’s decision
– apparently, ST-I has incorrect turret side armor angle. It’s possible it will be improved (buffed) when the vehicle gets reworked to HD
– Type 62 will not be buffed for now
– artillery class will not be completey rebalanced, for now anyway
– A-32 rework to HD has low priority

– no ETA on Dx11 support for WoT, but developers are actively working on it
– introducing Dx11 support requires complete overhaul of everything in the client, it’s much easier to implement it from day 1 than to rework existing game for it
– penetration and ricochet decals (SS: the traces that it leaves on the tank) will be changed (the same decal but of higher quality)
– in the future, “massive rebalances” will come
– Type 59 will not come in HD in 9.7
– developers know about the issue where the same gun (105mm M4) weighs one third on British tanks, when compared to the same gun on American tanks, but won’t change it for now. The reason for that (generally incorrect module weights) is that the module weights influence the total weight of the vehicle and that’s already a balance change. Now only the total weight of the vehicle is historical, noone gives a crap about module weights.
– in the game, artillery howitzers, when reaching the limit of their range, change their aim circle area from a circle to more like a strip, like this. Storm doesn’t consider it a problem, it will not be changed.
– T-34/85 turret (elite) has its mantlet incorrectly shifted to the left, it will be fixed
– replacement of the WT E-100, what gun will it have? “No comment”
– Storm considers the situation where content gets delayed because of e-sports normal
– details about the physics test will be published “later”
– Storm confirms: there is no time limit for individual missions
– in new physics, a tank will stop by itself just like it is now (when not pressing “W”), but it will happen slower. It will be possible to break faster using a handbrake.

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