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– the fact that RU251 HEAT shells are flying much faster than AP shells is correct (historical)
– apparently, STA-2 will not have limited MM either (just like Panther 88)
– historical and garage battles and new chat are still being developed
– Storm says he can’t talk about the Havok development, but he mentioned that one of the issues is that with a lot of destruction on the screen, it consumes too much memory (RAM), there are also performance issues
– 9.5 KTTS video was apparently already made
– developers were working on TXAA anti-aliasing, they scrapped it because “it turned out to be shit”
– the amount of 200 people working on WoT includes artists and testers
– dynamic tank characteristics are still in the development queue, Storm admits they were pushed numerous times to the back due to other priorities
– there is generally no such thing as a plan for unification of WoT, WoWp and WoWs interface
– HD models are being made by outsourcers
– chat 2.0 server part was gradually implemented since spring 2014. After that is done, developers will add the client side.

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