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According to Storm, the post about the new skills/perks is a fake. On the other hand, I can confirm that the source is very reliable. It is of course easy to say something is not true when it is impossible to prove otherwise so in the end it is only a matter of who you trust.

– Storm confirms: no penetration nerf in 9.8;
– Regarding the new vehicle renders shown by Wargaming: “the models are the same, only the textures in the game are a bit worse”
– HD render models are made with 4K textures – Storm adds: “Do we seriously need such texture quality so we can look at muzzle brake of some tanks that up close?” He is referring to the following comparison:

In the game:


– Storm does not know when FCM 50t will be removed from the shop;
– Storm answers to players saying that the IS-5 is too good: “If this vehicle was a regular premium, I bet you’d be saying “fuuuuu, it’s shit”. The element of exclusivity is what makes it “something special”;
– HD T34 is already being worked on, it will have no big changes in armor;
– Storm confirms that the client side of Bigworld will be improved to look more fitting for 2015;
– Storm states that there are far more vehicles that can safely rely on armor than the current Minimaus (VK4502B tier 9);
– Super Pershing will receive an armor buff, there will be no nerf to compensate this.

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