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It’s possible that today, third round of 9.8 test will start. Patch 9.8 will come in May “if everything goes well”. It’s not certain that the Domination mode will come in 9.8, maybe it will come a bit later.

From an interview with Andrey Yarantsev, WG vice president:

– in April, Wargaming entered a partnership with other Belarusian game developer, Melesta Games (casual and mobile game developer, its best known game is Farm Frenzy with 300 million installations). Basically it means that WG will be the producer and Melesta a developer
– the fastest growing segment of the game market are mobile games, WG is putting a lot of attention there, it’s one of the strategic goals of WG
– total revenue of mobile applications in 2014 exceeded 25 billion USD
– the cooperation talks were pretty short, they started in December 2014
– the goal of this cooperation is to make popular mobile games
– Wargaming is aware that the World of Tanks success will likely not be repeated but their goal is to make a game that will get close to that success. World of Warships is looking good so far.

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