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– Storm on artillery: “It’s cool and necessary in the game”
– Storm doesn’t agree with the statement that after the “historical” Japanese heavies “anything goes”
– Japanese heavy branch was planned as early as three years ago but was not implemented due to series of coincidences until now
– Storm on new vehicles in WoT: “Only very few real life vehicles are left to implement and therefore the majority of upcoming vehicles will be more or less paper.”
– according to Storm WoT is planned to run at least 5 more years: “Several dozen remaining real vehicles spread across next 5 years, that’s really few”
– cool features coming in next 5 years? “I won’t promise anything”
– only very few full branches can be collected from remaining historical vehicles, those that can be collected will be slowly implemented into the game
– Storm specifically confirms: EU tree is cancelled completely (“Too many complications with it”)
– there is no trend of implementing only large tanks lately (some players are complaining about that based about the Japanese and the KV-4 KTTS)
– developers are hoping to make Redshire a nice map with the overhaul
– WoT notebook optimization? “No comment”
– some time ago, Storm mentioned an overhaul of the Foch 155 (different gun, loss of autoloader), now he states it’s not planned for now
– it’s possible to give Japanese heavies the type of gold ammo the SU-100Y has, there’s however no reason to do it
– Black Prince winter camo is not too transparent, in fact according to Storm it is more visible than on other vehicles
– supertesting of the first of artillery changes is planned soon
– new motion physics is relatively close

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