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Check out the Chieftain’s article on why quoting B.Cooper’s Death Traps is not a good idea…

Anyway, not much today:

– a player stated that the new high-caliber (152,170mm) sounds in 9.4 sound like a combination of three successive sounds. Storm confirmed that, stating that it’s a trick, done in movies to improve the “power” of the sound.
– Storm does not know exactly, but it’s possible the developers are experimenting with transferring WoT to WWISE (new sound engine)
– IS-7 will not be buffed: “the HD IS-7 became stronger than the old one”
– IS-6 penetration buff is not planned
– the famous Stalingrad fountain with kids playing will not be present on the ingame map, as it did not fit the segment that was modelled
– developers are still working on XP for tanking
– T-34-3 will not be buffed more than it is in round 1 in 9.4
– remember that Igromir video host? Russian players found out that she “acted” in an… adult movie, so to say.
– regarding the “Recruitment” program, it will not be usable to train your twinks due to limitations
– Stalingrad will appear in the game without Havok at first
– +/-1 MM will not be introduced

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