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Hello everyone,

WG RU posted an article, where they are listing the 2014 results of World of Tanks. Here’s what happened with WoT in 2014 (I assume the numbers are RU server specific, not for the whole world):

– the amount of registered tankers increased 1,6 fold from 70 mil to 110 mil (SS: that’s odd, didn’t they say in late 2013 they have 100 mil?)
– the peak on RU server happened on 14.1.2014, with 1.114.222 players playing WoT at the same time
– WG team travelled 16500 kilometers from Vladivostok to Brest in France and met players in 24 cities
– WG organized 55 events through the year and met 100k players on them, they handed out cca 100k bonus codes
– there were WG League finals in Warsaw in April 2014, the stream was watched by 1,7 mil people

– more than 50k teams participated in the Chaffee Races tournament
– the support service replied to 1,3 mil tickets
– new anti-bot system was launched, reducing the botting more than three times (SS: yea, after we had to expose them because apparently, “they didn’t exist” before that)
– new fun modes appeared: 8-bit “Karl”, soccer and Chaffee racing, with Winter Showdown coming in early 2015
– added the Stronkhold mode
– 5 new maps appeared: Windstorm, Kharkov, Stalingrad, Mittengard, Lost City (two of which are using historical architecture from WW2, Kharkov and Stalingrad)
– WoT for Xbox was launched in February 2014
– WoT Blitz for iOS was launched in June and for Android in December. For iOS, the number of installations is already over 10 million
– in November, team battle mode was reworked and a new format was brought in
– new regular vehicles appeared for the Soviet, German, British and USA branches
– on 1.4., a browser game Crayfish was launched on the portal
– streams with WG developers were watched by more than 3,5 mil people (SS: I monitor and translate them)
– players and developers posted 4 million posts on forums
– 1500 news were published on portal, when it comes to words, it equals one novel such as Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. The site got 87 million unique hits in 2014
– official World of Tanks social network group grew to over 2 million users, an increase of 560k over the year. 6000 social network posts were made and 9 mil “likes”, reposts and comments were recieved (SS: this means likely the VK social network, not FB)
– 520 videos were made per year with over 200 mil views, 700k comments and 1,8 mil “likes” (SS: Russian videomaking department is MUCH more active than any western one, they have really nice shows actually, not of western style though)
– M4A3E8 Sherman “Fury” was introduced to commemorate the cooperation between WG historical specialists and Sony Pictures on the Fury movie
– Russian ads of the “how many battles do you have” series collected over 56 mil views
– on 9.5., Wargaming network radio started operating, it’s listened to over 1 million people each month. The one-time peak is 25k. (SS: in Russian of course, a pity, they sometimes play nice music)

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