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С Новым 2015 Годом и Рождеством!

Dear tank commanders, dear friends

I am pleased to congratulate you all a Happy New 2015 Year and Merry Christmas! Retiring in 2014 was not easy for us, but only overcome the difficulties, we can achieve great success. I’m sure – in front of you are just waiting for the loud victory and unforgettable battle.

I wish you, dear visitors of the site gosu-wot.com, good health, happiness, more joy in the new year, love and prosperity, because New Year – this is a time of miracles! Make a wish in the New Year and make no mistake – it will come true! I am convinced that you will be able to achieve our goals in the new, 2105. Take care of yourself! And thank you for the support you have given me! I appreciate it very much and with all my heart I thank you for it!

C O M A S T O D O M!

Always yours,
sergeant Bolzen

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