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Let me tell you a story about the FV4202 HD model. Storm confirmed that the reason the vehicle was delayed was because “permission approval in Bovington in order to model it takes too long” – the delay was/is long (“many months”). According to Yuri Pasholok, Wargaming’s historian, there were some shady Richard Cutland’s activities in Bovington recently, specifically Cutland slandering Yuri Pasholok in front of Richard Smith, the museum director, which was unprofessional. I wonder if there is a connection…

– Camo factor of a vehicle DOES change if you switch a turret (the camo factor is heavily influenced by height of the vehicle);
– WG is aware that the 0.9.7 version (new Bigworld) causes serious issues with crashes and black screen freezes, it will be fixed;
– Q: “Superpershing was nerfed in HD!” A (Storm): “Oh really…”, later he adds that there is no need for players to send WG historical materials – the vehicle is not ready yet and it will be reworked (RG: Better have something done nicely and on is own time than try to rush things and make it even worse, lets be patient);
– Super Pershing rework (compared to earlier leaked HD model) will include correcting the upper frontal plate and lower frontal plate angles and making the additional plate over the mantlet bigger;
– It is not sure whether the M10/Panther hybrid removal from the ingame store in the 0.9.7 Test 2 is intentional and tied to the announced removal of limited MM vehicles from sales, Storm will find out the truth on Monday;
– Storm states he stays by his opinion that the quality assurance in Wargaming is one of the best in gaming industry.

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