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Two things. First, the 9.5 testing is slowly starting – hence the IM info. HOWEVER, keep in mind that any info from supertest might as well consist of placeholders. There is no indication that players will be actually FORCED to play arty, it’s possible this is just tested.

Secondly, the following vehicles are being added to the 9.5 CT: 11 British tanks (slowly, all are not ready yet, the Charioteer got leaked), along with ISU-130, AMX CDC, AMX-13/57, STA-2, and FV4202 with HD model. Furthermore, three new maps are being supertested: winter version of Ruinberg (to replace Ruinberg on Fire), something called “Lost City” (not sure what that is) and a map called “Mittengard” (which is the version of the Pit). More info as it gets leaked. It is unlikely all these maps will appear in 9.5.

Oh and apparently, the tutorial window bug is still preset after the micropatch on RU server, but at least it doesn’t appear all the time. An odd thing though – according to the Support site, the patch was supposed to be released today. Did anyone actually download it?

Otherwise there’s nothing new.

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