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Again, nothing much today.

– according to the WG developers, the setting options for 9.5 minimap are sufficient (SS: reaction on the criticism that XVM minimap is more customizable)
– retraining the crew from one role to another (radioman to gunner for example) will not come in 9.5
– the minimap in 9.5 is just the first iteration, it will be upgraded in the future (for example with gun traverse angles for TD’s)
– releasing Panther 88 to the shop without having it tested by players is fine according to developers, as “they have ideal supertesters because they are like regular players” (SS: he’s referring to the fact that the supertesters are recruited also from people with regular and sub-par winrate in order to represent the playerbase of the game better)
– Panther 88 “is like regular Panther II with a bit more DPM”
– it’s possible that the individual mission conditions will still change after 9.5 is released
– girl crews are “currently obtainable only via IM’s”
– WG is working on new maps
– regarding the FV4202 switch: “All in good time. Plans are not guarantees. They are ideas, that can run into issues with their implementation.”
– it’s most likely that Severogorsk will be removed forever (and not just for rework)

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