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There are rumors that the physics test might start as early as 26.2.2015, but this is not confirmed.

– the decision not to release some content in 9.7 due to WGL is final, it was already postponed for 9.8
– if you get 7 TD’s per team only in 25 percent of battles, it’s apparently not a problem according to Storm
– currently, the amount of TD’s per battle is slowly decreasing ever since last few patches
– T34 premium collision model doesn’t correspond to visual model? “Happens. We will fix it when the vehicle is reworked to HD.”
– Storm confirms that the physics test will come soon, but there are difficulties with the “simplified” model, including issues with server performance, discovered in the supertest phase. The “simplified” variant thus has to be reworked and is not ready yet, so the test will only have one variant of physics, the “realistic” one.
– Storm states that the physics test will come “at the end of February, but no promises”
– Storm confirms that “many” IM conditions will be reworked
– developers are working on HD environment (maps) as well, no ETA though
– Soviet vehicle models as a whole will have a texture/material overhaul, the same goes for German and American vehicles, but not very soon
– Storm considers T29 to be very comfortable to play
– camo system has not changed from 8.6 apart from patch 9.1, in which the camo factor loss when firing a gun on a TD was normalized with other classes

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