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WoT developers say: 22.10.2014

– apparently, all the servers (including ASIA) will have the M24 Chaffee Sport crews, left over from Chaffee race event, retrained to regular Chaffee for free in 9.4
– Storm wants to apparently nerf the camo a bush provides to your tank by 20-25 percent
– there will apparently be a video, showing how the new gun sounds were recorded
– there was a “funny” episode in World of Warships development – at one point, there was a piece of land with some indestructible houses. Everything was fine, but the developers discovered that the FPS is dropping a lot, whenever these houses appeared on the screen. The issue was investigated and it was found out that inside one of the houses there was a bathtub and inside it, there was a model of a small plastic duck swimming, which would be a silly joke from one of the artists, were it not for the fact that the duck had around one million polygons…
– Storm confirms that the 9.4 gun sounds are the same as the ones from 9.1 Test 1, excluding high calibers. Some other filters were applied as well.
– developers are currently working on 9.4 Test 2
– developers are working on implementing polls and votes to WoT interface
– new HD tanks? “When they are done”
– developers now admit that the feedback on the new sounds is negative, they however are not sure, whether it’s just because those who like them stay silent and those who don’t whine
– from now on, every test client round will not be downloaded as a patch, every test will downloaded separately as a complete client (cca 7,7 GB). This was decided because “unfortunately, a huge part of playerbase was not able to follow the patching instructions”
– Havok coming this year? “It’s possible, but no guarantees”

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