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– Q: “Is arty balance okay? They seem to be crawling out of woodwork again.” A (SerB): “It’s fine. It’s good that there’s more of them.”
– Q: “What’s up with supertesters, I see them driving around in random battles with exclusive tanks and they suck!” A: (SerB) “If you have to envy, do it silently.”
– Q: “If we had Panzer IV and T-34 in historical configurations, what tiers would they fit?” A (SerB): “You see, that depends on the historical number of hitpoints.”
– Q: “It was said that the T110E4 has worse aimtime than E3 as a price for having a turret. How come German WT’s have the same stats as the non-turretted German TD’s?” A: “Just imagine that the Germans implemented it better.” (SS: as in, it’s just a balance decision)
– SerB states that the situation, where optics get destroyed by hitting driver’s periscopes is correct
– IS and IS-3 have the same D-25 (D-2-5) reload times as KV-3 and KV-4, despite IS series having one loader and KV series two historically, because the second loader “eliminates the design drawback”
– Individual Missions are time limited, but the limit is quite long. They will come in seasons, around half a year ones.
– Evilly states that when it comes to difficult missions, “cumulative effect is better than everyday grind” (admits that the previous very difficult grinding missions – specifically the KV-220 one on RU server – were a mistake)
– Evilly states that the Object 260 missions will be intentionally very difficult

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