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Again, nothing much today, but on 24.12. at 17:00 CET (or so), there will be a stream with Storm, where he will talk about game development, so we got that going for us, which is nice. I will watch it and prepare a summary of course.

– developers do not think that a lot of the feedback regarding recent patches was negative, quite the contrary
– Winterberg was developed as official Ruinberg on Fire replacement
– Individual Missions will start on 15.1.2015 (they are not active in the 9.5 patch client)
– according to developers, it was never promised for Sixth Sense rework to appear in 9.5 (SS: true, it will come later)
– you can enable or disable extended minimap functions in the settings
– according to developers, the Severogorsk map was not removed because of the “veteran players whining”, but for objective reasons. Statistics were analyzed and a decision was taken to remove the map for rework (SS: notice the “for rework” part)
– M56 Scorpion is still in the process of balancing
– Panther 88 will appear in ingame shop likely in patch 9.6

And that’s all really.

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