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Hello Warriors,

just came out of a happy accidental prolonged nap like one of you called it in the comment section the other day.  My body clock is completely fracked up, this is my first winter in the UK and the lack of sun has left me disoriented, I’ve been finding myself waking up at 11pm while thinking its 7am, but at least I’ve been awake at blog working hours and doing what I’m suppose to do at the time I’m suppose to do. :) I may have to buy one of those lizard lamps although.

Anyway, I miss dearly my stream and will be playing for the next couple nocturnal hours some World of Tanks, will start on NA because I want to show you my Toldi III and then later on I’m hoping into EU for my grind accompanied by my whiskey, 80’s music & wonderful chat: http://www.twitch.tv/ritagamer2

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