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Here it is:

– Somua SM (which was planned as a French premium vehicle) will not be introduced due to the fact that Wargaming didn’t manage to obtain enough information on it from French sources;
– Overall, 9.7 Test 2 saw the FPS drop from test 1 fixed;
– Storm investigated the sizes of the Conqueror and E-100 models – they do not fit and by a LOT (what that means is one of the model or both definitely have the wrong size);
– According to Storm, the thinnest part of the HD IS-4 turret front has effective thickness of 285mm;
– Apparently frontal part sides of IS-4 in HD might not have the correct thickness, but Storm states it’s a small thing and it won’t be fixed;
– IS-4 in HD will get a collision model rework: the track licks attached to the sides of the frontal armor will become a part of the collision (24mm extra armor);
– Storm confirms: yes, the 9.7 test 2 removal of some vehicles from the ingame shop is intentional. Following vehicles will be removed from all sales: M10/Panther, FCM 36 Pak 40 and TOG II* (perhaps S35 739 (F) too) (RG: The “Frenchies” are worth getting).

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