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Here it is:

– Storm states that it is not true that Severogorsk and Northwest maps were fine at first and that they only got worse and and worse after WG “improvements” – according to him even the first versions were really bad when it comes to heat maps;
– Apparently, 9.7 has a nasty bug where multiple players see individual missions they completed previously as incomplete (and unavailable), Storm will investigate;
– The AMX-13/75 buff doesn’t concern only the gun but the entire tank;
– Multicore support? “We are working on it in parallel” – “when it’s done it’s done”;
– Developers haven’t forgotten the Stronghold mode, upgrades (for example the special magazine) are being developed;
– According to Storm, IS-4 armor in 9.7 is correct;
– There are no plans to abandon the Scaleform UI;
– There are no plans for accuracy buff for near future;
– There are no plans to sell the M56 Scorpion at all, it will be obtainable through missions;
– All the vehicle classes are being re-balanced to fit more their intended roles, this is an ongoing process;
– It’s possible to use twinks in order to get into the “newbie” low tier matches, but: “what will it give you? Games with an untrained crew but with personal experience? Enjoy!”
– It’s not possible to limit noobs from playing high tiers: “in such a case, very few people would play tier 8-10”.

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