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– SerB confirms that the current VK4502B will be replaced by Maus prototype. The rear turret tank will then either become a premium tank, or will turn into the alternative hull for the existing VK4501A
– SerB states that the problem with the previous issue of historical battles was in getting enough players for both teams. Now WG is working on PvE historical battles.
– no plans for historical battle PvP mode
– the account statistics reset for gold was just a rumor
– the characteristics of the Fury Sherman are worse than the characteristics of HD M4A3E8 will be

– the final fate of FV4202? “We will do what we consider necessary”
– Fury is heavier than regular Sherman “because of the logs and other junk”
– developers do not plan to support standard render anymore, instead they plan to optimize the improved render so much that it can replace the standard one
– it is not true that developers are nerfing vehicles based on the wishes of the community
– according to Storm, the statement that the gameplay of WoT was simplified many times in the past is not true
– apparently, there are no plans to make vehicles like KV-13, T-43 and A-20 “more actual, considering the changes of the game”
– SU-85B is doing fine characteristics-wise
– light tanks will be buffed
– apparently T67 (former T49) TD needs a nerf according to Storm
– the render radius (when it turns from rectangle to circle) will be 565 meters
– the current maxium spotting distance (445m) will not be increased
– developers do take into consideration that the prepared nerf of bush camo bonus (SS: 20-25 percent off their camo bonus) will negatively impact passive scouting

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