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I haven’t linked Listy for a long time here – check out his article on his Shrivenham trip and about the Gloucestershire regiment.

– when testing the new viewrange system (with only LT’s having good viewrange), developers are aware of the potential situation where hightier LT’s just sit back and camp due to their very good viewrange and competitive guns
– apparently the T-34-3 buff went well
– gun damage does NOT have to correspond to the gun caliber, it’s a balance parameter
– Yurko2F (developer) explains how the M53/M55 model got screwed: “We are working on many tanks outside of what is interesting for players the most – game characteristics. Well and if something gets broken, we try to fix it quickly.”
– the “individual missions” will be the same for everybody (SS: so where’s the “individual” part? o.O)
– old LT8′s will be buffed “if necessery”
– IM conditions too tough? “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Wait for the feature to come out.”
– Storm on supertesters: “Various players are recruited to supertest. Including those with poor skill. That’s done for the test statistics to be more representative. So it is more like random battles.”

Storm also made a post, where he is asking for a feedback on the role of armor in current WoT. Here are the answers from it:

– Storm states that the usage of gold ammo is not that high. Even if the gold ammo was hardcapped at 5 pieces, it wouldn’t help Maus, because everyone would just shoot the gold shells in it anyway.
– Storm states that one of the main reasons why gold shells are not hardcapped, is the fact it would reduce Wargaming’s profit
– according to statistics, IS-6 and KV-5 do bounce at least 50 percent of all shells from tanks of the same tier (including gold)
– IS-6 armor ricochets hells more than it bounces them
– Maus will not be buffed, it has some of the best stats of its tier. The opinion of some players that it sucks is not based on reality.
– developers will ban (forcibly disable) the mod, that shows what type of shell hits your tank (gold/credit). The reason for the ban is that the same mod not only tells you the type of the shell, but also who is shooting at you.
– developers are still analyzing the feedback on reported several second freezes
– Q: “I miss times where IS-4 on tier 9 could stand in the middle of the field and bounce everything.” A: “And you consider that normal?”
– T-35 (multiturret heavy tank) will not come in 2015
– increasing gun penetration loss over distance is not an option, as it would cause issues on low and mid tiers in many cases
– Storm states that when it comes to two options what to do with gold shells (reduction of damage, increase of price), both are reasonable in a way, but both also have disadvantages, specifically monetization and attitude of general playerbase to such a change and others. But they haven’t been scrapped yet.
– the loss of profits is one of the internal parameters that the developers will take into account when deciding what to do with gold ammo
– +/-1 MM spread was rejected long time ago
– +/-3 MM will not be returned either
– Storm never did beat anyone physically for poor work, his maximum was yelling over Skype, but he states he can’t do it, he’s an anti-conflict person
– the developers were discussing the role of armor internally for quite some time already
– developers are discussing what to do with the M48 Patton, they differ in their opinions about the vehicle and what should be done with it
– accuracy will be nerfed a bit – not the parameter per se, but the distribution within the circle will be changed
– apparently, the plan to change the render range from a square to a circle collided with the new version of Bigworld and therefore got delayed a bit, Storm hopes to implement it in first half of 2015
– new motion physics will improve the tank dynamics in the game (smaller loss of speed on hills, obstacles etc.)
– IS-7 will not be buffed, statistically it’s fine more or less

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