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– the 9.5 minimap will be reworked further, according to Storm
– the new 9.5 minimap can reduce FPS, but only a tiny bit
– the “flickering transparent bush” bug was not fixed. According to Storm, there was no way found how to fix it without losses to FPS. This bug emerged in connection with the changes in render, that in turn were made to optimize the game and so it’s not possible to roll the render back to the version before the bug appeared
– regarding implementing a damage panel, Storm doesn’t want to do that at all
– additional hangar filters will be implemented
– player stats reset for gold is not planned

– I asked Storm how it is with the Mittengard map, since he wrote earlier that it would be a map for newbie players only (and not for pedobears and twinks), yet I played on it recently, as did other players. Storm stated that there is no internal consensus in WG on this matter.
– apparently, some players see a text “no missions selected” when pressing Tab in battle. This is tied to individual missions, that aren’t released yet
– Q: “Do you plan more Prokhorovka-like maps?” A (Storm): “What does it mean ‘more Prokhorovka-like’? Are you interested in standing in the bushes in the alley, or fighting your own gun depression on the hill?”
– no plans for now to introduce more open maps (SS: like Steppes)
– Q: “Why don’t you simply buy rights to useful mods?” A: “Partial reason is, that we don’t think all players need by default (for example damage panel). Implementing mods ‘as they are’ also often causes FPS losses and there is no time to rework them.”
– reworking the render range to circle was not scrapped, WG is waiting for a new version of Big World. Immediately after that it will be implemented.
– patch 9.6 will be quite small, as new Bigworld version was postponed from 9.6 to 9.7, which in turn delayed the introduction of many features. This is a source of frustration for Storm.
– the list of features delayed by the new BW version includes new spotting/visibility features and new motion physics
– it’s possible 9.6 will bring new HD tanks, “if outsourcers do not fail us”. If they do fail, there will be a large batch of HD tanks in 9.7
– apparently, there is a bug where you can activate first aid kit under certain circumstances even though your entire crew is ok, Storm will investigate
– according to Storm, the color of minimap tank names is “the same as in XVM”
– no plans to introduce a dynamic IM goal counter to the game (SS: as in, seeing “you have to do 5000 damage in total, you have 2000 damage remaining to do” after pressing Tab)

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