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– it’s possible that the frontal hull armor of the Super Pershing is currently incorrect and will be changed (buffed, better angle) when the model is reworked to HD (possibly in 9.7)
– alternative hulls might not arrive earlier than year and a half
– by far not every tank will get an alternative hull
– tank destroyers never reached such an amount that they would account for 30 percent of all vehicles in battles on any tier
– Mauschen (tier 9 Maus) will have the same crew setup as tier 10 Maus
– Himmelsdorf apparently has some buildings that have bugged collision models (SS: this replay, 14:30 to 14:10, shells allegedly stop from invisible barrier – haven’t watched the replay though – Storm will investigate)
– E-25 will not have its size changed
– the shell damage RNG algorhitm was not changed for years, it’s not true that some guns have more shells deal minimal damage than others
– map “Overlord” in 9.7? “I cannot promise anything”
– in 9.6 accuracy nerf, changes to damage done are proportional to the accuracy of the gun (the less accurate the gun is, the bigger the drop in damage done)
– Storm doesn’t consider the fact that some gun models have relatively low amount of polygons to be a huge problem (“small thing with low priority”)

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