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Drama of the day on Russian server: Wargaming started forcibly renaming 0 battle accounts in order to free their desired names and announced this event on their portal, advertising players to rename their accounts to one of the “freed” names (for gold, of course). The “abandoned accounts” were defined as “All the accounts registered on 1.4.2014 or earlier, the owners of which never entered a single battle in any Wargaming game.” Unfortunately the mechanism didn’t work properly and the 0 battle accounts were not renamed. Much whine ensued.

– The Domination mode (patch had no influence on FPS – if your FPS dropped with, it’s most likely an issue on your side;
– The size comparison picture between O-I and E-100 is a fake;
– The Scorpion (German TD) tracks have apparently an incorrect model, it will be fixed.

And the daily will be a bit different, check out what Ed Francis from The Tank Museum is teasing me with:

That Tank melody…

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