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– Storm confirms: Sixth Sense will not be simply a perk, it will be radioman’s “ability”, that will work always
– a player was complaining, that the role of armor in the game is decreased by vehicles (guns), that are too new, being introduced into the game. Storm states that it’s not about the age of the vehicle, but only the gun’s penetration. Whether gun penetration will change Storm cannot say for now, he needs to analyze additional statistics. He thinks that he’ll recieve the statistics soon.
– Storm played a lot on new Murovanka and he thinks the map improved, you have more freedom to act.
– Q: “Maus had 265mm frontal armor, buff!” A (SerB): “That’s complete crap and ignorance on the matter unfortunately.”
– SerB states that the situation where you have the Intuition loader perk, that activates as soon as the countdown reaches 0 when you switch shells during countdown is correct
– 9.5 will come around New Year apparently

– Storm thinks 9.4 is not “some half-patch” – “there’s a new map, premium tanks being tested in order to be released for New Year, noticeable optimizations and new version of Stronghold – many things that are pointless to postpone”
– it’s possible 9.5 will contain a new batch of tanks with transmission/engine split
– in 9.4 Test 2, Stalingrad has increased chance of dropping
– Panther 88mm will not have limited MM according to Storm, bit he admits it might still change
– developers are currently balancing new tanks for 9.5 (“there are many of those”)
– developers will consider the fate of KV-5 radioman after the Sixth Sense is reworked
– 9.5 will bring no reworked HD tanks, only new tanks (the Firefly branch, premium and special tanks)
– the Firefly branch WILL have its own tier 10 (SS: FV4005 Stage 2 – because this game TOTALLY needs another FV215b 183, only without any armor but with better gun handling)
– few patches back, developers were working on doppler effect of “shells whistling by” – but Storm is not sure where did that go
– Storm confirms that the 1/1/1 armor of M56 Scorpion is correct (“it will suffer if rammed”)
– there is a chance Havok might until New Year, but no guarantees

Storm states that in 9.4 Test 2, they did the following with the sounds:
– lowered the deafening shot sound filter niveau in the turret
– made the metallic clank element of the shot sound louder
– tweaked the volume levels
– made the sounds of large calibers a bit louder

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