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Here it is:

– It’s possible that the woman crew is bugged in 9.7 – the first perk no longer counts as “zero perk” but as the first one, increasing the XP needed for the second one significantly. Storm will investigate.
– Storm confirms that individual missions in 9.7 are bugged (completed ones do not count as “completed”, not allowing you to progress to the next one);
– Israeli tank branch was not discussed and won’t be added for now;
– There will be a micropatch fixing some of the 9.7 issues (specifically the one with battle results screen UI);
– Storm states that 9.7 did not bring any noticeable issues with FPS;
– According to Storm, considering that it’s a new Bigworld version, the 9.7 patch is more or less normal (as in, no big issues);
– Multicore support is not of the highest priority. Storm: “On bad PC’s it won’t give a serious boost. Everything is processed by the video card”;
– Laptop owners are among the players WG is targeting with WoT;
– Developers discussed the eventual appearance of wheeled vehicles in the game. For now, they decided that it is not needed as most wheeled vehicles would be low tiers;
– Low tier vehicles are “absolutely uninteresting to the player masses”(RG: I Disagree),
– Storm confirms that more maps will be gradually removed from the game;
– The only case when individual mission changes do not appear in 9.8 is if WG doesn’t manage to finish testing them, otherwise the changes are already decided.

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