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 Russian server will be testing the CW 2.0 from 27.5.2015 onwards. Russian server 9.8 patch is coming tomorrow with Domination coming on a day later.

– Russian 9.8 patchnotes included a strange entry: “individual discounts for premium account”. According to Storm this is a result of a description bug in the game that led to the wrong entry in test patchnotes. On the other hand, another developer on the official forums says something else: “This new feature will help active players levelling up new vehicles by giving them individual discounts on premium account using some vehicles of certain tier. The discounts are not limited by time. More info on this later”
– Storm states that there isn’t a “whole bunch of game modes” in WoT because it would mean 30 minute battle queues
– the MM has one minute to create a battle using all the rules, after one minute the additional MM rules start to be “softened”
– Storm admits that the MM has problems: “There are problems, their solution is one of the things that are in the development queue”

Oh and this was posted by one of the devs on RU forum (text says “Wild hunt”)

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