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What is this? An early Q&A? :)

– Developers will not disclose any more additional statistics for any vehicles (like they did with Maus hit ratios)
– Rita’s Status Report O-I size comparison (http://goo.gl/XuGXjM) is more or less accurate according to Storm;
– Tier 10 Japanese heavy is not bigger than the tier 7 leaked vehicle, it’s roughly the same;
– The fact certain maps win the “worst map in game” polls often does not guarantee they will be removed from WoT;
– Apparently there is a bug where the old render doesn’t display the water properly, Storm will investigate;
– According to Storm, the Domination mode doesn’t stress server any more than random battles;
– According to Storm, closed beta of WoT had 10k or so players online, open beta had 30+k and first week after release it was already 50k;
– Yuri Pasholok confirms that there will not be any “Maus going to move” restoration. The project was cancelled soon after it was announced.

And the daily, when you don’t upgrade old units in Civ:

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