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– Confrontation mode will return when it is rebalanced
– acting on XVM win prediction is “self-deception” according to Evilly – even 45-46 winrate players can carry a game
– troll platoons will be fixed
– apparently, developers were planning a system, where you get notified, when someone you reported gets banned. This function however is tied to the “new chat” system, which is not developed yet.
– regarding the question above, Storm states that the developers are working on a chat system, unified for all three games, the server side is ready and it’s already partially in use in WoT

– Storm states that PvP historical battles with “simulator” motion mechanics (as in, very historical tank motion) would be played by too few people (points out that War Thunder tanks are played by very few people)
– new regular vehicles will come next year
– apparently, an improved tutorial (along with extended tank info, such as armor inspector) are planned for next year
– in the future, team battles will have a mode for tier 10′s
– Battlefield series have different target audience than WoT according to Storm
– Evilly states that the problem with leavers in Garage Battle mode is perhaps the most important one – if they are banned from leaving, they will actively undermine their own team. It’s possible that the leaver punishment for garage battles will have to be stricter than it is now in WoT
– Storm confirms: FV4005 Stage 2 will be tier 10 TD
– the option to flip tanks on their roof will come with new motion physics
– Q: “When will we have a good sound engine, capable of “bending sound” around obstacles like in BF4?” A: “As soon as we can afford to have 10 Gb of sound content”
– for Wargaming, client size is a very, very important parameter
– there are plans to transfer WoT to new version of Bigworld – again.
– IS-7 lowres HD model will not be fixed in 9.4

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