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– Q: “Why does IS-4 have its historical gun, the D-25T, which is a joke on tier 10, while other tanks do not have such an alternative gun?” A: “There are already enough tanks in the game with “joke” guns”
– Q: “The missions for Object 260 are too tough and there will be a lot of rigging” A (SerB): “I am already dreaming of how much butthurt will there be as a result of bans for rigging :)”
– Q: “Will you add bonux XP to tanks with more than 1000 battles?” A (SerB): “…and how about for simply downloading a client, we unlock all the tanks, give you all the premium ones along with a jar of jam and a bag of cookies?”
– the fact that tanks traverse by “jerks” (unlike the fluid turret traverse) is historical
– Q: “Can we expect render range to be turned to circle in 9.5 or 9.6?” A (SerB): “Well, you can always expect anything”
– it’s theoretically possible to change render range for each tank individually, but it’s not needed – the balance parameter is the view range, limited render range is a technical parameter that would be best removed altogether
– Storm states that a mod, which will identify not the shooter but only shell type will stay legal (possible), only mods that also tell you WHO shot you will be dealt with
– it’s not possible for WG developers to simply get rid of the noobmeter part of XVM (hence the idea of anonymizing players in battles)
– developers are apparently not thinking about reducing the 25 percent RNG in penetration
– regarding the current announcement of Object 907 buff – Q: “Fuck this, they should have buffed it only after the third campaign for massive butthurt.” A: “Yea, we thought about it :)”
– Object 907 was buffed because it was simply too weak, now it’s okay

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