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– Storm is not that keen on large maps (1500*1500+). He states that it was tested and slow tanks would be even worse than they are now and they would just camp the bases. In general, focus would shift from shooting to moving and that becomes boring really quick
– Storm confirms that XP bonus for blocking damage with your armor (“tanking”) will come
– Tiger II in HD: “when it’s done it’s done”
– the reason the British switch (FV4202) was not implemented was that the agreement with the museum (Bovington) about making detailed photos of the replacement and measuring it took a LOT of time
– Storm confirms that US tier 2-3 tank destroyers and arties will be switched around, specifically – T18, T82, T57 and two more new vehicles on those tiers (SS: IIRC one is T3 HMC). This switch will happen later than 9.6
– Storm confirms that the French and Japanese new tanks are problematic due to the difficult collection of historical sources
– 9.6 will not bring many new HD models

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