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– Storm doesn’t agree that the shadows under tanks (that you cannot disable now) should be possible to turn off (“it’s made so that the tanks don’t look like they are hovering in the air”). In fact, quite the opposite: “When we improve the shadows to have better performance, we will make it so that they won’t be possible to switch off at all on any settings.”
– Storm confirms that the minimal shadows that cannot be disabled under the tank have no influence on FPS
– some players do not like the change to the post-battle window (specifically that the name of the map and mode disappeared), Storm took note
– shadows were not touched in 9.8
– some players are annoyed by the automated announcement of dynamic platoon creation on enemy team, Storm answers that he honestly doesn’t consider this a problem, there is no way to disable this message but Storm will monitor the forums and if there are lots of annoyed reports about this, it will be reviewed
– Type T-34 and Type 58 tracks have different colors, this will be fixed
– HD M10 Wolverine received a new top engine (it was apparently not properly announced)
– Storm reacting on players complaining on 9.8 bugs: “Where were you all during 9.8 testing? How come all was okay back then?”
– Storm confirms that it’s completely possible for dynamic platoons to break the rule that both teams have to have the same amount of platoons
– according to Storm the credit bonus personal reserve missions were removed because the developers don’t want to break the game economy and players are earning enough credits as it is
– in the future, developers will check whether popular mods are working with their patches (to make sure they do)
– T-62A changes when it comes in HD? “Wait for the test, more I cannot say”
– personal reserves will be activated before 9.9
– the archive (game files) reformatting in 9.8 is a part of the game optimization process, maps are loading faster
– Storm on XVM creators: “I am not diminishing their merits. But saying that they are fixing all the issues of the game is wrong” (context: players were whining that they HAVE to install XVM because without it they are missing critical features)
– Storm states that the chat displaying links as smileys will not be fixed, it’s intentional
– in 9.8, the “Sisterhood of steel” perk was fixed, now it is really a 0 level perk
– the circle render range was never promised for 0.9.8 according to Storm. It will come but later.
– Storm states that 90 percent of game crashes during map loading are caused by mods
– there is nothing new regarding ultra-HD textures for now
– developers are still working on extra XP for tanking
– the “thank you” function (for good teammates) is not planned for now
– there is apparently a bug in 9.8 where dynamic platoons get identical numbers as regular ones, this will be fixed
– progress indicator for individual missions in battle is planned
– apparently there is a bug in 9.8 where the arty aim circle twitches nastily, Storm is aware of the issue now
– in 9.8, when you complete the 15th individual mission, you cannot select an other individual mission of the same class (for another vehicle) before you accept the reward (the “girl”) – this is intentional
– session statistics and damage log in the game? “There are reasons why these things are not implemented.”

From a podcast interview regarding CW 2.0:

– there will be an “absolute” category clan tournament soon, it will be announced in June (transcript says July but that’s likely a typo)
– when you capture a province, it will lose 1 level of upgrade
– CW 2.0 will be split into seasons
– the first test of CW 2.0 consists both of veteran players and noobs, all in all around 100 clans participated in the test
– CW 2.0 open beta will be in summer, it will be released after that
– when attacking a Stronghold belonging to a noob (bad rating) clan, good players will not be able to use artillery strike and air strike but the noobs will
– it will be possible to farm influence in Stronghold mode

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