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 On EU server, patch 9.7 will be released tomorrow. You can read about it here.

– Storm confirms: Mäuschen will be the replacement for VK4502B, not Mammut
– Mäuschen replacement: “when it’s done it’s done”
– some vehicles that are present in WoT had canvas (or other fabric) over certain parts of them (notably the mantlet). Storm states that this is not in the game because the fabric texture doesn’t display properly, this will be fixed in time
– in 0.9.8 a RU player reports an issue where he gets some weird text spam, claims he has no mods. Storm states that everything’s alright on his end
– even with shadows turned off the one shadow under your tank cannot be disabled
– apparently if you leave a dynamic platoon during battle, platoon-based personal missions should still count

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