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The main news of the day – the missing limited MM on tier 8 premium FCM 50T and the Super Pershing in the 9.9 test turned out to be an error of the test MM. No such changes are planned, it will be fixed.

– Storm is now working almost exclusively on new modes and balance, he has no time for other stuff
– El Halluf in 9.9 has some issue with water render, it was already fixed by the developers
– regarding garage UI, developers are for now planning only new filters
– Storm said he couldn’t prove the necessity of multi-layer garage carousel and that’s why there will only be filters for now
– Storm will investigate the option to remove the special Domination tanks from the garage now that there are so many
– the way the Mauschen was changed from VK4502B (the owners will receive a free 100 percent but 0 perk loader) was the only way how to solve the situation properly
– 4K textures will not come for now, based on WG statistics of SD and HD client use there is little need for them
– apparently the automatic teamkill ban is disabled on the test, this is a bug
– HD Type 59 will come in 9.10 (it was not delayed, it was always planned like that – the HD model is still not ready, missing some details)
–  Type 59 HD armor will not change
– render multi-threading was not added in 0.9.9
– your selected personal mission has no influence on matchmaking (you won’t get “right” or “wrong” maps for your type of mission intentionally)
– Storm states he did not make any promises about players being able to test the Japanese Tiger in 9.9 (it will go straight to shop without players being able to test it)
– M46 turret in HD has a but, the “smile” under it (the frontal part) will be removed and the turret will be set a bit lower
– T32 armor got corrected in 9.9

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