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check out Listy’s articles on one of the best StuG aces and about personal soldier armor

– apparently, the feature where top three players of losing team get extra credits will not be implemented
– Chi-Ri had several variants of suspension, it’s possible that one of the heavier ones with 88mm will be added to the heavy Japanese tank branch (SS: SerB is mistaken here. The 88mm Chi-Ri is a fake, started by American engineers exploring the Japanese vehicle plans after the war)
– Chinese-used Chi-Ha did not have any special Chinese designation
– apparently, SerB is participating in alphatesting of WoWs, but he’s hiding
– when removing interface in battle (pressing V), FPS goes up a lot? “Most likely your card doesn’t do well with Scaleform – that’s a Flash-like engine, widely used for interface creation. Please note that we are not responsible for Scaleform-based mod optimization.”
– Storm realizes that STA-2 (upcoming Japanese premium) is worse than STA-1, but “unfortunately, we haven’t simply found any other candidate”

– Evilly states that in 9.5 or 9.6, premium vehicle profitability will be further buffed (“indirectly”)
– it’s possible that the AFK punishment system will be changed to take game crashes into account
– Storm states that the difference between FV215b (183) and FV4005 Stage 2 will be: “One will be armored and slow, the other unrarmored and relatively fast.”
– Storm himself is bothered by the modellers always saying “sorry, we don’t have any new HD models for this patch”, but he can’t do anything about it
– there will be third test of 9.4
– Storm states that the situation where on GTX550Ti enabling shadows causes you to lose 20 FPS is normal

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