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– (tied to another discussion, specifically about hull weapons and tanks aiming by turning) according to SerB, the hull 75mm howitzer of the Char B1 was useless, that’s why Germans removed these guns when they captured the vehicles
– according to SerB, removing the render range limit would not cause more camping
– the Charioteer (upcoming tier 8 British TD) will have the 105mm L7 as top gun after all (for some reason, there is also a photo of Winston Churchill inside the Archer model)
– developers are still putting together plans for 2015
– Storm states that increasing penetration RNG and reducing shell damage when hitting spots like hatches would only cause boring campfest
– Storm confirms that the IM requirements that were leaked (the outrageous ones, like 20k damage/blocked on Maus) will not be in the release version, the release version will be “based on what statistics tell us”

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