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Not much today. But the supertesters will recieve new tier 8 Soviet MT premium (T-54 First Model aka T-54 Model 1945), so it’s not all that bad.

– a shell always counts as a “point” – some player insists that when touching the ground, a shell turns into an “object” because it “touches” the ground, but this is not true (SS: there is one situation where it’s completely possible to fire and have the shell explode on the ground instead – when you have low terrain settings, some pieces of terrain are simply not displayed, which leads to strange shell explosions. Developers suggest not using lowest terrain settings unless absolutely necessery)
– module weight is a balance parameter (SS: here, the dev completely avoided or misunderstood the question, so – just letting you know, no point in dwelling on why engine X weighs half as much as engine Y or something)
– developers are still experimenting with tank viewrange nerf
– in 9.6, old light tanks will very likely be rebalanced (buffed), specifically their firepower apparently (SS: it’s not clear, but I think they mean accuracy on the move)
– Blitz replays will be incompatible with PC version (SS: duhhh… yes, people ask such stuff)

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