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More info regarding CW 2.0

– Tank freezing will continue but developers state it’s possible they will revisit the freeze time;
– The number of divisions available to a clan will not depend on the amount of clanmembers but on the influence currency earned by the clan (division are the analogues of a current token stack and are purchased for “influence”);
– Skill MM in CW? “Don’t attack the stronger ones. Here, players are deciding for themselves in what region and with whom to fight”;
– Developers consider technical victories to be a bad thing, they don’t want to have as many;
– The alternative way of entering the map (apart from landings) will be called “auction” – in “auctions”, clans will be “betting” influence on the owned provinces. The clan that bets the most will have the chance to play with the province owner, other bidders will have their influence returned. This mechanism will apply to most provinces but there will be provinces where “auction landing” will not be possible;
– Any clan with enough “influence” currency can buff a province income (not just the big ones);
– The gameplay in CW 2.0 will change a lot – large clans will no longer be able to afford just to sit on 8-10 provinces and to not fight. On the other hand, due to the income improvement mechanism, a clan with 2-3 provinces will be able to make as much gold as current 5-7 province clans.

And because there wasn’t much for today, will leave you with the sum of what I have to deal on the daily basis with this work. I don’t usually find this type of videos funny but that Serb cracked me up:

(The Russian text with white background that appears from time to time is a ironic quote from developers that stated “Artillery only deals damage to those who are standing on one place”)

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