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Okay, here’s a MUST see for history fans: Listy found in archives (amongst other things) accounts about Japanese tanks. Go check it out!

Russian server and EU server have this weekend a special offer – conversion of free XP to crew XP (yes, for free, you already paid for the free XP once – 1 free XP = 5 crew XP). For EU, you can read about it here.

Storm also reports that the physics test is going “really well”. There is an effect in the test that they call “gear shifting” (basically, the tanks slows down as if you were shifting gears), this is actually a bug and will be fixed (maybe even in the current test). Another bug is the strong drop of mobility in some vehicles (T-62A, AMX-50/100 and others), will be also fixed.

– according to Storm, 9.7 HD Superpershing is not getting nerfed, it will definitely not be possible to sell it for gold
– there are no plans to remove unhistorical M62 gun from IS-4
– for now it was not decided yet whether the fact that VK4502B will only have one loader while the Mauschen will have two will be compensated somehow (SS: for example by a “free” multi-skill loader)
– for now, there are no plans to introduce the Panther with GT turbine into the game, Storm is trying to prune the plans of “such nonsense”

– the first round of physics test will take three days
– motion physics do not depend on reworking all vehicles to HD
– Storm doesn’t know whether HD Superpershing will “lean” on its frontal wheels to simulate the frontal part being overstressed by additional armor
– in new motion physics, the ground resistance parameter will no longer be used. Instead, they will introduce a “traction” (ground contact) modifier with various grounds having different passability. Basically, the current tank terrain passability will remain at the same level.
– developers will not introduce damage from crashing into environmental objects
– the current test represents “realistic” physics variant. There was a simplified physics variant prepared as well (second server), but it turned out to be bugged
– even in new motion physics, there will be several points deciding the movement on the tank (SS: under roadwheels), the entire track surface will not become a contact area
– all the physics developers, in order to prepare for new physics, were given (paid by WG) an actual T-72 to drive, so they do it well
– it’s possible that STB-1 will have its hydraulic suspension implemented at one point
– multiple physics (dynamics) variants will be tested
– shell “mass” (effect of shells on tank trajectory) will not be implemented
– the independent suspension is tied neither to mobility physics, nor to Havok, it’s basically a render thing, it doesn’t work on “old” render
– it’s not clear yet, whether the improved terrain passability from physics test (the ability to get the tanks to strange places) will come to live server

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