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Hello everyone, please note that the 122mm HE Soviet shell alpha buff is unintentional and will likely be cancelled.

– according to Storm, the statement that limited MM is one of the premium vehicle characteristics is incorrect, as large part of the premium vehicles have normal MM
– Storm states that nerfing limited MM to regular MM happened only once for a premium tank – with Type 59. The tendency for premium tanks is more like the opposite, as it was recently with the AT-15A and M6A2E1
– WoT is using Scaleform for UI ever since beta test
– Archer will likely play the same way as the Crusader SP (SS: going faster backwards than forwards)
– Storm confirms that more than half of Waffentragers E-100 don’t even finish shooting their first clip before they are destroyed
– for now, there are no plans to buff M48 Patton
– the best ETA available for the Sixth Sense rework is “next year”, it will most likely come with the complete perk overhaul
– Storm states that the importance of perks will most likely not be improved, because it would make old players with many perk crews overpowered
– Storm states that the HD model experiments were conducted on IS-4
– the Havok got delayed, because developers “were ashamed” to introduce only small object destruction in first round and went to work on building destruction instead and now they are “stuck on the issue of performance”
– Storm states that if artillery gets “normal accuracy” (SS: as in, pre-nerf one), it would have to be compensated by alpha reduction, aimtime and shell flight velocity, which is something the developers really don’t want to do
– developers considered the variant, where HE shells would be split into normal HE shells and artillery HE shells (with reduced damage), but they considered that unrealistic
– according to Storm, there is no guarantee that patch 0.9.9 will be followed by 1.0.0, it’s completely possible to have 0.9.20 for example
– there are no plan for complete tier 6-8 rebalance in connection with new vehicle introduction

– Storm states that if you want to use the 0.9.4 gun sounds, it’s no problem to use them downloaded, because the sound engine did not change
– Storm doesn’t consider the “intro video” to be a problem that should have an option to disable it, as you can simply press escape to skip it
– Storm states that 9.5 will definitely come before New Year
– according to Storm, there is no delay in work on HD models, only a delay in their release, as there are really many vehicles in remodelling process at the same time
– turning LT’s into “paper MT’s” by reducing their MM to normal was not discussed by the developers
– for now, the LT rebalance will consists of only viewrange buffs and nerfs
– for now, the developers haven’t thought about garage customization or selection
– there were some ideas about allowing players to customize the look of their tanks, but it all was postponed after all the tanks are reworked to HD
– for now, the developers haven’t worked on dynamic tank characteristics
– developers are also considering a new PvE mode of team battles versus a team of bots
– “very large” maps will not be implemented for now, but there will be tests with larger maps, such as 1,2×1,2km or 1,4×1,4km. These might also come to random battles, tests will show. These larger maps might simply be extended original maps, the way it was made with Murovanka.
– Storm admits that many didn’t like the Murovanka rework, because a lot of people liked camping in the forest and firing at everything that got spotted
– developers considered making the small medal count the way it is in Xbox version (SS: I have no idea how it is in Xbox version)
– Storm confirms that all models will be completely reworked to HD
– it’s not sure yet, whether HD KV-220 will get its IRL (T-150) turret
– the “critical hit bell” sound will not return, it was scrapped as “uninformative”
– minimap will soon be reworked apparently (SS: to resemble the XVM one partially)
– developers will consider reworking HESH mechanics
– for now, no data are available yet on the statistics the developers collected on gold shells
– tournament tanks (tier 7-8) will not have priority for HD rework
– for now, there is no info whether new sounds will appear (again) in 9.5
– apparently, the option of displaying the statistics of only tanks in your hangar (the ticker that “unticks” every time) will become permanent (won’t untick with every client restart)
– the 9.4 sounds were completely scrapped, there won’t be a separate mod release
– there is no ETA or Dx11 support
– 340mm Japanase mortar artillery will likely be implemented, but definitely not in 2015
– there will be connections (SS: bridges, links, not sure what word is used commonly) between the old British branches and the 9.5 one
– modelling of the HD FV4202 hasn’t started yet, same goes for Chieftain – developers are waiting for photos and other data from Bovington (SS: I heard it was delayed, do not expect it in 9.6)
– “many” modellers work on HD models
– Storm is aware of the M103 gun barrel bug (it’s SD)
– Storm states that creating ingame PvE bots is not as easy as taking an existing player bot and implementing it – the bots players use are working client side and are unoptimized, while WG bots have to work server-side without overloading it
– Storm said regarding the recent “bot waves mode” leak that they are planning such a mode for historical battles as well

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