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Today, the referral (recruiting) program reached the RU server. I guess it won’t be long now for EU server. So, who wants to become my slave padawan recruit?

– Q: “Why is spotting damage rewarded so little?” A (SerB): “Don’t do spotting damage.”
– Q: “Is the current XP reward situation satisfactory?” A: “For us, yes.”
– Q: “Why didn’t you split the platoon statistics from the solo ones?” A: “Because we can’t please you all anyway, you’d just make up something else…” (SS: as in to whine about) “… “and the info becomes unreadable.”
– Storm confirms there will be various settings for the minimap – you will be able to disable the viewrange sector and the tank names on it independently
– Storm confirms that three “mounds” of rubble (covers) will be removed in Stalingrad
– regarding the “Hetzer” armor model fix announced in 9.5, I checked the current model and found nothing wrong with it. After asking Storm what exactly was fixed, his answer was “some little things”
– Storm’s opinion is that 40 maps in the game is too much, it would be perfectly fine to remove 10 of them, the game would only improve
– Storm confirms that “bad” maps will be deleted from the game
– apparently, the render range change from a square to circle will come soon
– Storm is aware that the change from square to circle will change the gameplay on some maps, developers are running tests how exactly – for now, they found no big issues with it
– Severogorsk was removed because according to WG heat maps, it turned out to be extremely bland
– Prokhorovka will apparently not be removed from the game, the “copy” of it (Fiery Salient) only had its probability reduced

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