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Not much today as is usual these days.

– for now, the XP for “tanking” will not be implemented
– IS-3 ammo rack was not nerfed in 9.5
– the “winter fun mode” (SS: that Karl-like one) will be activated “after New Year holidays” (SS: if I see it correctly, these holidays last until 11.1.2015 in Russia)
– IS-6 gold ammo penetration will not be buffed
– apparently, Chi-Ri is not scheduled to be buffed either
– the mechanism where you will be able to add all sorts of junk to your tank (logs, cans, canvas etc.) is still in development, no ETA
– according to WG developers, Chi-Nu Kai has following advantages: good mobility, good gun, good viewrange and is VERY good at grinding, even during losses
– shell damage is a purely balance parameter, apparently it’s okay that 105mm gun 13TR (for some French tanks) gold ammo does more damage than regular ammo (300 vs 330)

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