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– Storm has an idea for Foch 155 changes: either remove the 155mm autoloader and leave the gun as normal, or give it a 120mm autoloader gun. This is however not a plan, just an idea. He considers the current gun parameters “not normal”
– situations where large caliber shells don’t penetrate very thinly armored targers? Storm: “Give us replays of that. Whenever we ask for replays, everybody backs off.”
– it’s not yet clear, how the situation with new physics where tanks are able to climb to insane places will be solved, but some zones will have to be inaccessible
– the current set of maps for the physics test is “more than enough sufficient” for testing
– the current new physics effect where the tank “slows” as if you were shifting gear is not intentional and will be fixed
– new motion physics will not be split into stages, it will be introduced all at once
– improved motion physics caused the turrets to rotate really fast (SS: combined with improved hull rotation using handbrake), there are no plans to nerf them
– currently, there are 5 connection points with ground (5 roadwheels) defining the movement of the vehicle
– it will be possible for the developers to set the track grip for each suspension individually
– it’s not yet clear whether some vehicles will be rebalanced with new motion physics
– tanks getting to such weird places as this will not be implemented to live server, the possibility to move to such spots will be removed
– there is also a bug in new physics that the tracks on destroyed tanks are stuck in the air (as if the tank was regularily on the ground), this will apparently be fixed

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