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– in 9.5, Sherman Firefly will be researchable from Sherman III and Sherman III from Grant (SS: the connection between new/old branches will be Valentine to Archer)
– it’s possible Churchill Gun Carrier will lose the 32pdr gun and will drop to tier 5
– Q: “Back in the day, it was possible to always find a strategy 1vs1″ A: “In +/-3 MM as well?”
– in 9.5, Challenger and Avenger will be mixed into one vehicle. It’s possible those vehicles will exist as separate hulls, when alternative hulls are implemented.
– FV4004 Conway has “frontal armor roughly like a Centurion”, only the FV4005 has paper armor

And now, for interesting news – Storm: “Most likely, we will reject HD resolution” (he means HD models), he reasons as such:

“HD textures for one vehicle have cca 80 Mb. 400 tanks * 80 Mb = 32 Gb of textures only for tanks. 80 Mb * 30 tanks in battle = 2,4 Gb in video memory only for tanks. And then there are maps and environmental objects, so the number above can be roughly multiplied by two. Maybe in 10 years from now on, we will return to HD. When resources and internet channels are sufficient.”

This matter was already decided. Storm adds that the display of HD textures on your own tank only was the first thing they did a patch ago to reduce the stress on memory. But after calculating the total size of the game client, it was decided to remove the HD textures altogether.

– individual missions will come in 9.5, along with their respective reward tanks
– there will not be the option to test individual mission tanks before they are implemented
– no large vehicle rebalance is planned for 9.5
– New Year gift tank? “No comment :)”
– Storm on possible E-25 removal from the shop: “Wasn’t my decision. Ask those, who are spreading this piece of information :)”
– apparently, when IS-3 is transformed into HD, it will have worse lower frontal plate angle, but otherwise, the armor level will improve – in case of side armor significantly
– Storm confirms: around 150 HD models are currently in rework

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