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A quick announcement first to avoid any confusion. Several players sent me e-mails complaining that their Object 907 in 9.5 was not buffed properly. I had a quick lock and here’s what happened. In the official post, Grimbru fucked it up – or someone making the patch did, but given the number coincidence, my money’s on Grimbru. Basically, he posted the following, regarding the buff:

Dispersion on the move 0.9.4 – 0.12 0.9.5 – 0.1

What got buffed from 0.12 to 0.1 however was not dispersion on the move, but dispersion from rotating the turret. So, yes, the buff happened, it was just wrongly announced.

Otherwise, not much again. Apparently, rammer equipment mechanism changes are not planned. Oh and regarding the feature that if you buy consumables/equipment for half a price, you have to sell them for half a price as well during the discount event, this won’t change either.

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